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Build Ray Enterprise Co., Ltd.

yoga products, pilates products, fitness, gym equipments, punching, boxing, k...


BUILD RAY ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is one of leading manufacturer and exporter in fitness accessory, and unique fitness equipments, located in Taichun, Taiwan since year 1998.

During the years, we created more than hundred new products, and keeping developing. Many our products are patented in Taiwan, China, Japan, as well as in USA, and Europe.

Our target in business is to “build ray” for happy life, “build body”, “build power” and “build fun” for healthy living.

Our  product brands including: BUILD RAY, BUILD BODY, BUILD POWER, AND BUILD FUN, and GREEN HOMETEK for our unique home products for

Home improvement salutations.

BUILD RAY strives to offer our customers with high quality, innovative, competitive products and professional services.

Our products are including fitness, fitness accessory, healthy products,yoga & pilates products, Such as yoga mat, yoga bag, yoga strap, yoga block, yoga ball yoga roller, pilates ring, latex bands, yoga towel,. Our fitness accessory including hand grip, jump rope, dumbbell, wrist/ankle weights, push up bars, Aerobic step, balance boards…

More than above, we also develop the unique training equipments for Martial arts sports, kids sports, door gym, bar exercisers, vibra blade, wheel exercisers, body slimmer, bag exercisers, sit-up, body shaper, thigh slimmer,

Resistance tubes, legs slimming exercisers, soft body trimmer, pull exercisers,

Ab twiser,  Ab slimmer, Twister, Expander, puller, Flex bands, Stepper, Mini gym, Inverse table,gymball chair, Fitness set, Healthy walking stick, and vibration massager, sports wear including PVC sauna sport suit, Eco-friendly Sport suit..

Besides above, in order to build the green environmental sociality, in recent years we also starting developing the home products to improve the home living, and reduce the wastes in daily life.

Our Magic knife sharpener and Wall PLUS are the best choice for home improvement and storage solution for bathroom or kitchen.

Company Archive
Company Name: Build Ray Enterprise Co., Ltd. Company Type: Manufacturer ()
Area: Taiwan/Taichung City Company Size: 1-49People
Registered Capital: 1000000 ten Thousands USD Registered Year: 1998
Validated:       Company Profile through the
Security deposit: Already 0.00 USD
Business Scope: yoga products, pilates products, fitness, gym equipments, punching, boxing, kicking & martial art sporting products, kid's sporting products
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