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About Forcus Kick Plus
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model: PB-3019N2
Specifications: 195x114x114cm
Price: N/A
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Deliver: In 30 days
Expiry: Long-term
Update date 2015-01-26 14:08
“Martial Arts” is the way of using hands and feet to defend oneself against would-be attackers.
The most effective, powerful and agile weapon available which can be used both as a defensive
and offense weapon is the human foot.

Martial Arts masters (teachers) for centuries have recommended the quick repetitive kicking,
followed by many hours of focusing on correct body alignment to increase both speed and power
in the human foot.
In order to help the training aid, we develop the “Focus KICK PLUS”, with its adjustable targets
you can get victory against an aggressive opponent.

B.Function & Description
1. Infilling water or sand in the bottom drum, It’s a tough device that will absorption the impact and punishment.
2. Movable, suitable to use outdoor or indoor, convenience to carry.
3. Angle adjustable in the targets: Though adjust the target pad, practive diversified angle of kick, and speed.
4. The target pads are constructed with soft canvas, very safe and easy to clean.
5. When struck correctly, it will make a loud noise. That’s a feedback after the kicking action.
6. Training time unlimited, practice with it when and where you are.
7. Continue practicing with the FOCUS KICK PLUS, you will be an edge attacker and have defeat opponent skill, it suitable to use with companion, through that will increase interest in the training.